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Surveillance is usually conducted for infidelity investigations, matrimonial investigations, employee investigations, fraud investigations, theft investigations, cheating spouses, adultery investigations, civil investigations, insurance investigations, and other types of investigations. Surveillance is extremely useful for evaluating your subject, documenting their daily activities, determining who they meet with, determining their lifestyle, or for whatever other information you are seeking to obtain. We will obtain discreet video documentation using state-of-the-art surveillance equipment.

Our top-notch surveillance equipment is constantly being updated to assure that you are provided with the best quality output. Photographs and/or video documentations are made available at your disposal. These can also be used as evidence during trial cases. If called for, our private investigators can also testify in a court of law. Surveillance investigations can be conducted in most major cities throughout the United States.

Super Eye Investigations Offers:

  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Competitive Rates
  • In-Depth Reports
  • Experienced Male and Female Investigators
  • Rapid Results
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Confidentiality and Discretion
  • Free Consultations
  • Law Enforcement and Military Trained Personnel