In Westlake Village, California located on the western edge of Los Angeles County is a team of elite detectives and investigators with decades of experience standing by to meet all your investigative needs. We can manage any problem you throw at us. Our cases are from high profile, insurance fraud to domestic cases and countless more. All of our agents are well experienced with military, police or federal backgrounds.

Super Eye private investigations are united with a wide range of investigators all over the country and the world. Our agency will provide services to anyone from first timers to multi-million dollar corporations and we will treat every client as important as the rest. We’ll handle all types of cases with up-to-date record databases, best of technology and all our skills and techniques we have acquired over the years.

The Super Eye private investigators are available any time of the day. Call our toll-free number at (888) 812-9993. You are sure to always get a live response from one of our agents. We offer a free consultation and can meet with a customer and determine the situation including a quote with no obligation