Super Eye Private Investigations is a licensed and bonded certified effective group that will accommodate to your needs. We will go above and beyond our confines to make certain you receive the appropriate quality care you deserve. Our private investigators are specifically trained coming from federal services, military intelligence to law enforcement backgrounds with over decades of experience on tons of different cases. Each of our investigators has managed plenty of cases that range from infidelity to fraudulent workers compensation cases, missing persons, private security and so on. Rest easy with Super Eye Investigations for you are in good hands. Trust us for the resolution of any dilemma you present to us.

We are not only situated in Ventura, California but have other agencies located nationally and around the globe. Our services are suitably shaped to correspond with your purpose. We also assure absolute confidentiality. Sleep peacefully with our security systems by providing you with technologically advanced equipment to safeguard your home. Or find out what your spouse is really doing after work. This agency will offer you swift resolution at a sensible price.

Super Eye Private Investigations provides free consultations and around the clock availability every day, throughout the year. A licensed private investigator or private detective is waiting to help you. Contact us today at (888) 812-9993 for more information and discover the truth.