Southeast of downtown Los Angeles, California is Pico Rivera and located within the area is Super Eye Private Investigations. Existing since 1979, this investigative agency has decades of experience. After all these years of experiences, we have developed into one of the best private investigation firms in the country. We are prepared to tackle any investigative inquiries you may require; from surveillance, fraudulent cases, missing persons, background checks and the likes. Our private eyes are the elite and the best at what they do. All of which are men and women coming from the military, law enforcement and even secret intelligence.

Super Eye Private Investigations is not only located in Pico Rivera, California but have brother companies located statewide and throughout the world. Our services vary from background checks, undercover operations, child custody cases, attorney services, polygraph tests to infidelity investigations. If you can think of it, we have probably handled a case just like it. We guarantee nothing but strict confidentiality with any information you provide us. We can reassure you fast resolution with the use of our technologically advanced equipment, specially trained operatives to get the task done.

Our offices are available to you whenever you need us. We have around the clock service all days of the week, all year round. Find the answers you seek, win the case at hand with the evidence we provide. Contact us now at (888) 812-9993. You’ll know we’re the right people for the job since we always pick up the phone with no regard to the time.