Super Eye Private Investigations of Palos Verdes in California has been providing unbeatable service in the area for over 30 years now. We offer full private investigation and detective work. With the vision to help others, Super Eye Investigations was established and grew to become the largest of its kind. Up to this day, we are still living up to our reputation of providing professional yet personalized service to every single client.

Our key to success in the business is empathy. We put ourselves in your shoes and that’s what keeps us motivated to get you the truthful answers you need. We understand that being mentally and emotionally restless is unhealthy and can affect a lot of things in your decision making so we see to it that we get to the bottom of everything in the fastest possible time. You are safe with Super Eye because we have a full confidentiality agreement between you and the firm so you don’t have to worry about providing us with sensitive information.

Not only do we make sure we present you with the truth but we also make sure that you have the evidence in your hands. Hearsay is always never enough, not in our field at least. Upon request, we can always provide you with photo and/or video documentations. Whenever the case calls for it and personal appearances and testimonies are needed in court, you can rest assured that we got you covered. Our private detectives and undercover agents are all reputable in court making sure you will not encounter any problems.

If you have any case requiring investigation services in Palos Verdes, look no more because you have found the man for the job. Call us now at (888) 812-9993 and we’ll be more than happy to hear you out. All our consultations are free and with no obligations.