Serving the suburban community of Norwalk is Super Eye Private Investigations. We are the cream of the crop when it comes to licensed private investigators or detectives. Our firm is prepared to help those in need. We can help attorneys to look for that one clue that can help win their case and even private clients that seek answers towards the truth. This private investigative agency has been around for decades and is highly geared to accomplishing every task at hand. Our private investigators and detectives are the best at what they do coming from federal agencies, military branches, and law enforcement backgrounds.

Super Eye Private Investigations was built in 1979, an agency with the means to help anyone in need. We have closed cases dealing with missing persons, private security, and insurance or workers compensation fraud to adultery or marital infidelity. The Super Eye private eyes have seen it all and then some. We are ready to manage your case with advanced investigative equipment, up-to-date data bases and records with highly honed investigation techniques. With Super Eye Private Investigations, no clue will be overlooked. As we say, “Nothing escapes these eyes.”

Availability is our middle name, our agents or offices are not confined only to the Los Angeles area but nationally and globally as well. An investigator or private detective is accessible by phone 24 hours daily all year round. Holiday or not, we will pick up the phone. Call Super Eye Private Investigations today at (888) 812-9993 for more information!