Super Eye Private Investigations of North Hollywood offers nothing but the best investigative services in the area. We are known for providing personalized services at affordable rates. We go the extra mile when we know we can help you even more. Our personal obligation is to provide each and every client with fast, reliable, and cost-friendly services. Over the years, we have never failed to provide any of our clients less than that.

We don’t believe that business is “just business and nothing personal,” but instead, we believe that our business is personal, which is why we guarantee you that what you will get is personalized service. We understand that providing us private information is not easy. Therefore, we give our word that everything is always kept confidential. As for our surveillance and undercover team, we have already perfected the skill of camouflaging so we are never suspected.

Our team is always available at your disposal. We can be reached 24 hours a day, every day of the year. In the investigation industry, we understand that time is of the essence and that every minute is gold. Like everyone, we get frustrated upon hearing an automated machine over the phone. That is why we have available investigators to answer the phone any time you call. Whether it is during a holiday or in the middle of the night, we will pick up the phone for you.

Call us now at 888-812-9993 and find out how we can help you with all your investigation needs.