Super Eye Private Investigations of North Hills in California has been providing unsurpassed full investigative services in the area since 1979. Our years of experience gave us mastery in the different techniques of providing the most efficient service so that it does not have to be costly on your part.

All our private detectives have backgrounds either in the law enforcement agency or in military intelligence. This has played a huge role in making us one of the most successful in the area. We not only do background checks and the regular private investigation services but we even do undercover work when the case calls for it. Great thing is we can always provide you with supporting documentation of our findings. Also, all our investigators have great records and can back you up in the court of law.

If there are answers you have been looking for which you don’t seem to have the resources for, call us so we can provide you with an action plan. We guarantee you that our services are all at an affordable rate so you can always afford it. Stop the worrying and let us get you the information you need. You can rest assured that we will remain loyal to you and keep all the information you provide us confidential. We need not brag about our clientele and what we did for them. Our mission is to help and keep your mind at ease.

Call us now at (888) 812-9993 and let us know of what has been bothering you. We’ll hear you out and tell you what we think would be the best way to get you what you are looking for. Our consultations are free and with no obligation on your part.