Super Eye Private Investigations of Monrovia in California has been serving people within the area for well over 30 years now. We are an ample private investigation agency with only the best of private investigators coming from either the military or police force. Our goal is to help anyone in need. Super Eye Investigations has evolved to become one of the world’s top private investigative agencies. Since then up till the present day, our firm has made a reliable and professional reputation of providing personalized service to each every single client.

At Super Eye Private Investigations we have a saying, “nothing escapes these eyes”. Our licensed private investigators will work diligently and devote themselves to solving your case meticulously leaving nothing behind. You can feel at ease with Super Eye. Our firm has a complete confidentiality agreement. In other words, your sensitive information pertaining to the case will be secured by our agents.

You can find out the truth with your own eyes because our agents can provide you with photos and/or video documentations of their findings. When it is necessary for the trial personal appearances, testimonies can be made by our private detectives and undercover agents. We are all highly regarded in court reassuring the evidence we have provided.

If you have inquiries regarding investigation services in Monrovia, look no further for you have found the team you seek. Call us now at (888) 812-9993. All our consultations are free with no obligations.