Super Eye Private Investigations of Manhattan Beach in Southern California has been in the business for over 30 years now. With the rise of technology, we are constantly keeping all our equipment up-to-date. Despite the advancement in technology, we do not depend on it to get our information right. With our years of experience in the field, we still rely on our investigation skills to get things done.

Our team of private detectives has backgrounds in the law enforcement agency, federal bureau and even military intelligence. With these and further training in the private investigation world, our team is made of an elite group of individuals dedicated to helping people in need. Being professionals, we treat every client with professionalism but we also pride ourselves in providing personalized service nonetheless.

As private investigators, we put ourselves in your shoes and make that our motivating factor to get you the answers you are in search for. We chose to be in this field not because we had no choice or because it is where the money is but because our passion is set on helping people in need. With this being said; we live by our profession and not live because of our profession.

Let us know what has been bothering you by calling us at (888) 812-9993. Our private investigators are always standing by to hear you out.