Having been in business since 1979, Super Eye Private Investigations has dedicated its existence to becoming the bridge between questions and the truth. We have been successfully servicing the Lakewood area in Southern California for decades. Seas and borders have been constantly crossed in search of the truth behind every mind-bothering question our clients present to us.

Our private investigators have been endlessly putting their efforts to solving every case handed to us. May it be a simple background check to finding missing persons or deadbeat parents to even simple attorney services to accident scene investigations to going undercover, you are sure we can count on Super Eye Investigations to provide you with the best of the best services. From high profile cases to multi-million dollar companies and even a simple individual, you can definitely rely on us.

Feel free to give us a call for a free consultation at our toll-free line, (888) 812-9993. We make ourselves always available to answer your call without hesitation. Whether it was in the break of dawn or rush hour, you’ll be sure to hear a live person answer your call on the other end. Automated voice prompts can be confusing and sometimes even annoying. We make sure it is not the first thing you get to hear when you contact Super Eye Investigations because you are important to us!