Glendora is known for its diverse residences and high-ranking school district. Situated within the city is a specially trained investigative agency, Super Eye Private Investigations. These select individuals are dedicated to helping people in need and searching deeper into any investigation than the local police. No ground is left overlooked and nothing escapes the eyes of our private detectives and investigators.

Hiring an investigator may be a difficult experience for anyone. But be certain that with Super Eye Private Investigators you will be respected in a personable yet professional manner may you be a multi-million dollar corporation or a first time private client. Rest assured that we can help everyone in need or trouble without faltering. We have an extensive group of men and women coming from either law enforcement, a branch of military or the federal agency. All of which have decades of experience in handling cases of all sorts. Super Eye is linked with other investigative agencies located all over the country and the world.

Super Eye Private Investigations can be reached through our toll-free line at (888) 812-9993. There will always be an investigator or private eye to answer the phone at any time of the day, Monday to Sunday, all year round. Contact us now! Our consultations are free of charge and with no obligations on your part.