With Covina City’s slogan “One mile square and all there” making it the smallest city in area lies Super Eye Private Investigations. We are an investigative agency that will help anyone from multi-million dollar companies, attorneys, to you a first time private client.

Super Eye Private Investigations treats every client with the same liable, dependable and personable experience to everyone. We will handle your case with speedy results at a reasonable price. This investigative agency has been around for decades since 1979. Super Eye Private Investigations has grown to become one of the best agencies around.

Our private investigators are more than capable of handling any task at hand with experiences in the law enforcement, federal services, and military backgrounds. We have men and women investigators and some are fluent in many other languages so communication barriers will not arise. The people at Super Eye will work meticulously to get the important evidence you need to win that case, catch that cheating spouse or even find that missing loved one. At Super Eye Private Investigations “nothing escapes these eyes.”

The investigative group is not restricted to the State of California but across the country and globally there are linked Super Eye Private Investigations prepared and awaiting your call. Consultations are always free and of course no obligations are necessary on your part. Contact us today at (888) 812-9993 to get the truth!