Super Eye Private Investigations of Chatsworth in Southern California does not only offer our services in this area but within the county, region, country, and all over the world. We are not confined to what we are best at but we also go beyond our reach just to get you the information you need. With over 30 years of experience and our top-notch databases and equipment, we can definitely get the job done for you.

Being the best at what we do, we do not detain ourselves to what we already know. We consider each case a learning experience for us because we know that all are different. Despite the differences of one case to the other, we still treat each client the same. We believe that professionalism just doesn’t cut it for us which is why we are not only professional but we also provide personalized service. Because of our efforts to remain the best, we treat every client with loyalty and keep all your information confidential. We see to it that every client will walk out of our office happy and secure.

When you need to see the action yourself, we can provide you with photo and/or video documentations. We do everything a private investigator can do from simple background checks, to infidelity cases, to insurance frauds, to accident scene investigations and even going undercover; all these to make sure we find what you are looking for on your behalf. Call us now at (888) 812-9993 and let us know what you need. We provide free consultations with no obligation on your part.