Are you in need of answers?
Super Eye Private Investigations can search for those unanswered questions you are repeatedly asking yourself. Is your spouse truly as faithful as you think? Is that nanny watching your children properly? Let our highly skilled professional private investigators and detectives get to the bottom of things. Super Eye Investigations will search for clues and get that evidence you need to figure out the truth. Nothing escapes these eyes when you’re working with Super Eye Private Investigations.

Why should you choose Super Eye Private Investigations?
Our private investigative agency has been around since 1979. We have decades of experience in dealing with thousands of cases from fraudulent insurance claims, infidelity cases and even finding missing persons. We have probably conquered any case imaginable successfully. Besides our experiences, we have the most highly advanced tools and surveillance equipment with up-to-date databases and records at the touch of a button.

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Super Eye Private Investigations is not only limited to the Los Angeles County, but several locations statewide and throughout the globe. Guaranteed day or night, all hours of the day throughout the week, every day of the year, we are always available to take your call. Our private investigators and detectives are standing by. Call us now at (888) 812-9993!