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Find Person’s Current Employer

You provide us with the persons name, social security number and a state and our private investigators will conduct a nationwide skip trace record search to provide you with that persons current employer. This record search is great for child support collections, Bail bond skips, missing persons, skip tracing , finding witnesses , find missing defendants , find asset searches, and vehicle repossessions.

Loss Prevention

Are you losing inventory or cash at your business? Do you suspect internal theft from an employee? Our detective agency has bilingual undercover investigators that specialize in loss prevention/retail theft. Our private investigators will work undercover for a temporary period of time in the suspected workplace in an effort to uncover employee theft, unlawful activity, alcohol/drug use, or any other type of noncompliance. Hidden video footage may also be obtained with the use of body-worn hidden cameras. This is useful in determining whether your employees adhere to performance standards. Hidden surveillance CCTV cameras may also be installed in the suspected workplace. All of our private investigators and private detectives are well experienced in courtroom testimony as well.


Tenant Screening

We may combine numerous criminal background searches, criminal records checks, and criminal history and database searches in an effort to screen applicants and obtain their true profile.


Victim Assistance

Were you a victim of a crime? Do you desire additional investigative services to be conducted beyond the scope of law enforcement? We can investigate and assist you by providing crime scene photographs, interviews with witnesses or suspects, surveillance, statements, record searches, and more.


Nanny Cameras / Hidden Cameras

Nanny Cameras / Hidden Cameras
Do you know what your babysitter is doing when you are not home? Do you want to investigate or check up on your son or daughter when you are away? Or do you simply need temporary CCTV security video documentation against potential vandalism to your home or office? Our private detective agency can temporarily install hidden cameras just about anywhere in a short period of time. This way, you will know what really occurred while you were away and have the proof when you return. All equipment utilized is completely undetectable. The video documentation may also be used as courtroom evidence.


Deadbeat Dads / Moms

Deadbeat Dads / Moms
Need to collect child support payments? We will locate your deadbeat dad or mom and assist you in expediting your case.

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