Private Investigation Practices

Life in the day of a private investigator.

Investigation tools, regular procedures, and resources used by private investigators are very similar.

Surveillance is used by both public and private investigators to assist in everyday cases. It ranges from electronic recordings to drive-by of a property. However, the more invasive the surveillance likely the more judicial approval is required. Surveillance in general is used specifically to observe and record details about an individual’s daily life habits, and interactions in the public.

Garbage pickups are another procedure used by private investigators to obtain information legally. In order for the information to be legal, the process of acquiring the uncollected garbage in this caes information must be proper in the jurisdiction. Most jurisdictions allow garbage to be collected and examined after it has been abandoned, and by abandoned we mean where the public is able to access. This applies to when you take out the garbage abd place it on the street, where as now it is public property. No warrant is required once once the trash has been placed in a public area for collection, it is considered abandoned. Lastly, the use of internet and public record data searches are common for private investigations. Social media has allowed people to access individuals’ personal information in minutes with just a first and last name. Today, a simple internet search can provide an individual’s current city, birthday, employment information, and friends and family members.